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Have you ever seen a ghost?

Have you ever seen a ghost?

👋This is the resurrection of the long-dormant newsletter Good Question by Evangeline Garreau. If you are unsure why you are
2 min read
A sunset with the black silhouette of a signpost pointing in several different directions.

What's the best decision you made in lockdown?

Now that I’m fully vaccinated, I’ve been thinking a lot (as I’m sure we all have) about
5 min read
An oil painting of an ugly man attempting to hug and grope a woman while she hands his wallet to a sneaky man behind her

What would your ideal dating app look like?

I knew exactly what love looked like in seventh grade. Even though I hadn’t met love yet, I was
7 min read
A woodcut of abstract clocks and clock pieces winding around each other

How do you visualize time?

Often, when I think of questions to ask in this newsletter, it’s because I have a story I want
7 min read
Two ceramic sheep figurines: a ram and a ewe with a lamb. The sheep are on a mantelpiece surrounded by family photos.

What is the slang that only your family uses?

My family uses many odd, specific turns of phrase that are more or less inscrutable, including “dublavaytay” and “ on mange
5 min read
A watercolor painting of a Black woman with a flower in her hair, sitting in the shade of a tree by a body of water.

What are your dreams for 2021?

I realized I had regained my ability to imagine the future when I began dreaming of parties. For years, planning
4 min read
A sketch of a window with translucent curtains looking out on a wrought iron balcony with a large green plant

What's the best tab you have open?

One of the best corners of the internet ecosystem is the proliferation of webcams streaming some sweetly innocuous thing, like
3 min read